Design and Innovation Strategy

Project: Usie methods of design thinking to drive innovation sprints aimed at identifying new opportunities in patient-centered care for a hard to reach and very at risk demographic.

Our design team partnered with the GlaxoSmithKline Innovation team to carry out a 3-month innovation sprint. The sprint required the team of researchers and digital service designers to quickly immerse in the environments providing patient care, develop empathy for patient and caregiver challenges, and identify and prototype ideas with potential to solve some of the many challenges they face. Half way through the sprint our work was assessed by the Innovation team, which allowed us to focus on a specific area that showed great promise. We revisited our research cohorts, fine-tuned the idea and created a rich prototype to bring the idea to life and help stakeholders evaluate whether to invest in the initiative or not. The investment gate discussion gave the Innovation team much to consider and include in their quiver of programs to help patients and caregivers.

Activities: Innovation sprint, user research, concept development, prototyping, concept validation with users. 

A contemporary innovation process to more rapidly bring more ideas from fuzzy front end to market

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