Service design and experiential prototyping 

Project: Create a service simulation of sufficient fidelity to identify issues that may arise once the service has been launched.

As Principal in Continuum’s Digital and Service Design practice our team collaborated on the design of a new urban mobility service for Audi named Audi on Demand. Throughout the design process, we created ever more sophisticated service prototypes that allowed us to engage both the front and back of the house in full experience testing. Tests were carried out with up to 12 potential target users in a major US city. Users experienced the full service from initial contact through full delivery, through both digital and human interactions. The mobile app, through which users could manage the entire experience, was completely tested and a thorough documentation of issues for every screen and interface was created.

Activities: Service prototyping, contextual inquiry, mobile app testing, service shadowing, test protocols, user profiles, reports, customer journey mapping.