I was cleaning up and recycling some notebooks that I had used to capture impressions I was gathering at various design conferences and other design events last year. Below are a random sampling!

> In a siloed company, how do you organize your design resources and deployment?

> How do you knit a suite of existing services and those in development into a connected integrated system of services?

> I read that the drivers of motivation are autonomy, competence, and relatedness but all need a supportive environmental model

> Though the world of human experience is indeed being transformed from analog to digital is digital experience, in most cases, simply a portal to enhanced analog or real world experience? Is it a gateway experience that provides access to accelerated life?

> Quick wins are a bottom-up approach to progress. Strategy is a top-down approach. Can you be strategic from the bottom up through the right suite of quick wins?

> What are the elements of the business case that grounds your UX proposal?

> An ROI model that is built around three elements… the perceptual, financial, and operational. Customer or Patient Satisfaction, Direct Revenue, and Employee Efficiency and Effectiveness.

> Strategy is about marshalling the resources to go from your current state to a (desired?) future state.

> When customers are moving along their journey with a company, and transitioning from acquisition to conversion, by “adopting” a product or service, what is the evidence of this evolution and how do we recognize it and act on it?

> Charles Eames said that “recognizing the need is the primary condition for design”.

> If you want to be a UX Strategist fall in love with the problem, not the solution” -Janika Kumar, Microsoft (at UX Strat)

> I am what I share… social media’s role in the establishment and maintenance of identity

> I contribute therefore I matter.

> Social Service Design, inspired by a design-led intervention, requires the involvement and commitment of local user citizens.

About the Author Brian Gillespie

As an independent consultant specializing in the design and innovation of business I help my clients and partners manage the diverse activities associated with driving business success by design. With a background in UX, CX and Service Design I focus on researching, designing and managing for integrated multi-touchpoint digital and physical customer experience ecosystems. I collaborate with an extensive network of exceptional and cutting-edge design agencies and talented individuals worldwide. My work is predominantly carried out in Europe and the US. Recent productive collaborations include PARK, Mad*Pow, and the E*TRADE UX team. Recent clients include global firms in financial services, pharmaceuticals, and technology. ​​ Let's collaborate!

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