A blog on the topic “Consistency and multi-touchpoint experience design” has been posted on mobilecommercedaily.com.

One of the guiding design principles for creating a positive user experience has been the consideration of consistency as a critical attribute of the experience.

Designers have evolved the principle within the context of the design of single touchpoint interfaces such as software applications or ecommerce Web sites.

However, the challenges of designing integrated multi-touchpoint digital, physical and hybrid user experiences delivered via mobile, Web and software warrant a fresh look at how design teams apply consistency – and just as importantly – ignore it.

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As an independent consultant specializing in the design and innovation of business I help my clients and partners manage the diverse activities associated with driving business success by design. With a background in UX, CX and Service Design I focus on researching, designing and managing for integrated multi-touchpoint digital and physical customer experience ecosystems. I collaborate with an extensive network of exceptional and cutting-edge design agencies and talented individuals worldwide. My work is predominantly carried out in Europe and the US. Recent productive collaborations include PARK, Mad*Pow, and the E*TRADE UX team. Recent clients include global firms in financial services, pharmaceuticals, and technology. ​​ Let's collaborate!

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